Strategy Consulting

Empowering people through learning.

Ivy Global’s Strategy Consulting program helps students design and follow through on an educational plan to get into a top college and to develop their leadership skills. Our Strategy Consulting serves all students while we aim to matriculate students to one of the nation’s top colleges.

Our consultants work with students from as young as Grade 1 and up to Grade 12, providing them with long-term coaching and guiding them toward their best possible educational opportunities every step of the way.

Academic Consulting

Our consultants work with our students to determine the right high school career path, including advice on scheduling classes and standardized tests, as well as providing study strategies for SATs and ACTs, a reading list, and a comprehensive vocabulary program.

We also offer admissions consulting services. Each year, elite colleges are flooded with applications from prospective students. Any student interested in attending a top college must recognize that they will be facing some formidable competition. Our admissions consulting services stand apart from the rest as a result of two main factors:

  • Our expert knowledge and experience with the admissions process
  • Our commitment to treating each individual student uniquely, in accordance with his/her distinct set of interests and talents

Leadership Development

Along with top colleges and employers, we value developing leadership skills in all our students. We immediately seek leadership opportunities for our students and develop both their teamwork and initiative through extracurricular activities. As a result, our students increase in self-awareness, self-motivation and set high goals for themselves in their personal and academic life. The following are covered to improve a student’s leadership skills.

  • Evaluate study habits
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) diagnostic
  • Coach on self-management: effective study habits, developing goals, stress management
  • Developing communication skills
  • Leading teams

Emotional Intelligence

While a student's IQ is important in achieving success early on, emotional intelligence (EQ) becomes increasingly more important as a student gets older to reach their full potential. As much as 80% of adult “success” comes from EQ, which plays a key factor into obtaining top managerial and executive jobs. Our consulting services will include helping students to understand how EQ can positively impact them by identifying the right motivational factors to study, work and live. It will ultimately help each student experience meaningful work, relationships and living purposefully. The following topics are also covered.

  • Importance of self-awareness
  • Difference between extrinsic and intrinsic motivators
  • Mapping your emotions
  • How healthy values drive success

Private School Consulting

We work one-on-one with each client to provide expert advice and strategies on the private school admissions process. Our consulting services will guide parents through the entire admissions process, from preparing the application, to coaching for interviews and designing an overall presentation of the student to the admissions committees. With Ivy Global's expertise, we will maximize your chances of gaining admission to the school of your choice.
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Our Packages

(1st-12th Grades)

Consulting + Leadership

Junior Program (Grades 1-7)

Starting at $5,000 + HST/year

Ivy Global’s pioneering consulting program provides expert advice and builds leadership skills that enable students starting at an early age to succeed in school and beyond. Our program focuses on holistic student development with particular attention on developing leadership ability and emotional intelligence.

Consulting + Leadership

High School (Grades 8-12)

Starting at $5,000 + HST/year

Ivy Global offers the 1 to 5 year high school program that provides strategic consulting to maximize educational opportunities for students and prepare them for entry into one of the top US schools. We help students and parents build a roadmap and devise a plan for the entire high school career.

Premium Consulting + Leadership

$15,000 + HST/year

Our Premium Consulting is an intensive version of our strategy consulting, with meetings on a regular basis with a consultant and frequent diagnostics and workshops. This service has limited availability.

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