A scoresheet that is tailored for you

Get the most with your study sessions with quick scoring and detailed reporting

Cloud is Ivy Global's real-time scoring service for standarized tests. As you complete practice exams, fill in your answers on the sheet. You will receive instant feedback on the correctness of your answers, as well as predictions of your scaled scores on the practice test.

We determine your raw scores as you work through each section, then we use that to calculate ranges of values within which we predict your scaled scores will fall. We use these ranges to predict your area scores, again in the form of exact scores and ranges of values. These ranges shrink as you complete more questions, using the provided information to increase the precision of our predictions. Our estimated ranges are approximately 90% accurate when you start answering questions, and 95% when you finish. To get the best estimates, complete the entire test, or try doing multiple tests.

At any point during testing, you are able to print a personalized score report analyzing your performance.

The detailed score report includes our calculated scaled scores as well as links to answer explanations and suggested review sections.

Test makers often never fully disclose the scales they use for their official administered and practice tests. Due to this, we make an educated guess based on our years of experience in test preparation and scale the practice tests similarly to the real tests.

We perform student testing with our own tests to calibrate their difficulty and scaling. The students who participate in our testing are students who have a baseline score from having already taken an official standarized test. Our practice tests also use authentic high-quality passages from publications like the New York Times and the Atlantic, closely matching what are used by the official test makers.