Private / Boarding School Application Help

Ensuring students stand out among other competitive candidates.

We examine each student's unique abilities, interests, personality, and talents to determine schools of best fit.

We then navigate you through every step of the application process to cater to your individual needs and to maximize chances of admission to the top private / boarding schools.

What's Included?

Our education consultants will...

  • review and assess your academic history and extracurricular involvement
  • track and evaluate progress of academics and extracurriculars
  • provide school recommendations that best fit your interests, goals, and achievements
  • help you craft an outstanding application
  • work to build confidence, professionalism, and experience for interviews
  • establish a strategy for waitlists and deferrals
  • provide tips and support for requesting for references or recommendation letters

...and anything else that comes up along the way!

Our Results

Below is a partial list of some of the top private / boarding schools where Ivy Global consulting students have recently been offered a place.

  • Phillips Academy Andover
  • Bellarmine College Preparatory
  • Canterbury School
  • Choate Rosemary Hall
  • Crystal Springs Uplands School
  • Deerfield Academy
  • Phillips Exeter Academy
  • Groton School
  • The Hotchkiss School
  • Kent School
  • The Lawrenceville School
  • Menlo School
  • Milton Academy
  • Peddie School
  • Pinewood School
  • St. Mark's School of Texas
  • Tabor Academy
  • The Harker School
  • The Loomis Chaffee School
  • The Masters School
  • The Stony Brook School

Our Packages

Application Help

Starting at $7,500

Applying to private / boarding schools can be a bewildering process, but Ivy Global helps to take the mystery out of admissions. Our consulting service will lead you every step of the way through the application process. We will provide a full game plan for getting your son or daughter into their dream school.

Premium Application Help

Please call or email

This package includes all the basic Application Help services. In addition, this service includes:

  • arrangement of international travel
  • school tours
  • accompaniment of Ivy Global expert to interview

*All of our packages are available in-office or via Skype.

Free Initial Consultation

Ivy Global offers a free, half-hour initial consultation with an education consultant on school admissions or for academic advice. The consultation is available in-person at one of our office locations or online via Skype.

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Meet Our Consultants

Junho Suh

Director of College Counseling

Junho has led Ivy Global's College Counseling division since 2007. He has personally helped over 500 students navigate the college admissions process, and has helped dozens get into top colleges such as Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Cornell, Columbia, and MIT. Junho has a passion for changing education, and wants to help students through the entire college admissions process, beyond just test preparation.

Grant Hansen

Grant Hansen graduated with a B.A. in Performance Theatre and Comprehensive Communications before moving to Beijing, China where he spent years working with students to develop their public speaking ability, coach them on writing and performance, and equip them for studies in the United States and Canada. He served as Foreign Teacher Liaison for two years at the number one high school in Beijing, Ren Da Fu Zhong, before spending a year at Renmin University designing courses in Advanced Public Speaking and Play Production while presenting educational lectures with an entertaining twist. Now in Los Angeles, he merges his love of education and communication by working as an educational consultant and creative freelancer. He is passionate about all forms of communication from on-camera hosting to interview technique and everything in between. He engages with students so they can discover their unique stories and helps them communicate that story to others. In his spare time he loves all things music and hiking, Apple technology and competing in trivia-contests with aspirations to both host and compete on Jeopardy!

Moon Oh

Moon is an integral member of the consulting team. She has helped students gain admission to the top private schools and universities in the U.S. and Canada. Moon's extensive experience in the field of education spans from private school admissions and guidance counselling, to classroom teaching and public speaking coaching. As a graduate of the dual-degree Concurrent Education program at Queen's University, Moon enjoys working with students of all ages to provide exceptional educational support and help them reach their utmost potential.

Kevin An

Kevin has extensive, first-hand experience in helping students get accepted to the top U.S. colleges including Harvard, Stanford and Georgetown. As a tutor, he has worked with nine students who obtained a perfect score on the SATs and guided countless students with their applications. He has also helped students get accepted to medical schools, law schools, and dental schools. Through patience, experience, and organized planning, Kevin is able to effectively mentor students with career counseling as well as the college admissions process.

Why Ivy Global Consulting?

Strong Track Record

Proven results.

We’ve helped over 500 students in the last 10 years. Our results prove the effectiveness of our approach.

Demonstrated Expertise

Leaders in the field.

Our consultants know the admissions process inside and out and have successfully navigated every application.

Strategic Planning

Optimize your application.

We know what to do at every step of the application process to maximize your chances of acceptance.

Genuine Interest

We take it personally.

Our consultants have a genuine concern for your success and well-being, and we want for you to reach your potential.

World-Class Experience

A diverse clientele.

We help students locally in our offices and overseas via Skype. Our clients include students from all over the US and Canada, and additionally China, Korea, Dubai, Italy, and many more.

Holistic Approach

Beyond college admissions

We advise students on academic, mental, and emotional growth in order to secure academic success, a fulfilling career, and continual personal growth.

Expert Advice

What you need to know.

We help students from various educational backgrounds achieve their academic goals. We are equipped to support you wherever you are and however you need.

Comprehensive Help

A one-stop shop.

We coach students through our consulting program, and our test prep is well-built & personalized, using our published materials to help students in our offices and abroad.

Ivy Global offers free seminars addressing common questions and looming concerns among students and parents today. Topics include: understanding the competitive college admissions process, 21st century career trends, and more!

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