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Craft the strongest possible college application.

We embrace the individuality of each student and understand the difficulty of conveying that personality through a stressful application process. Working together, we ensure that you stand out among a sea of candidates.

What's Included?

Our education consultants will...

  • review and assess your academic history, employment experience, and extracurricular involvement
  • provide school recommendations that best fit your interests and goals
  • help you craft an outstanding Common Application submission and additionally required sections on the application
  • provide extensive, start-to-finish support for your Common App personal statement and supplementary essays under the guidance of an expert essay editor
  • help you construct a resume that highlights your qualifications and achievements
  • track and evaluate progress of academics, extracurriculars, and applications
  • work with you to build confidence, professionalism and experience with interviews (if applicable)
  • establish a strategy for early decision/action, waitlists, and deferrals (if applicable)
  • provide tips and support for requesting for references or teacher recommendations

Our Packages

US College Application Help

$6,000 + HST/year
Senior Consultant: $8,000 + HST/year

  • up to 18 two-hour essay sessions
  • up to 2 two-hour resume sessions
  • 1 interview coaching session
  • application review
  • application consulting

Premium Application Help

$15,000 + HST/year

  • unlimited essay sessions
  • unlimited resume sessions
  • unlimited interview coaching session
  • application review
  • unlimited application consulting

Guaranteed Admission

Please call or email.

We guarantee admission to your selected US college or give your money back. Our premium full US college application service is available for a limited number of clients per year

*All of our packages are available in-office or via Skype.

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Free Initial Consultation

Ivy Global offers a free, half-hour initial consultation with an education consultant on school admissions or for academic advice. The consultation is available in-person at one of our office locations or online via Skype.

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Meet Our Consultants

Michael Kang

Michael has helped many students get into the top elementary and secondary private schools, universities, and colleges in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. In addition to assisting students and parents navigate complex admissions processes, he is a Registered Psychotherapist of Ontario, qualified in providing self-esteem and career counselling. He obtained his Masters degree in Psychotherapy at Wilfred Laurier and a B.Sc. from York University. His education and experience have given him the tools to engage and positively impact the students he mentors at Ivy Global.

Moon Oh

Moon is an integral member of the consulting team. She has helped students gain admission to the top private schools and universities in the U.S. and Canada. Moon's extensive experience in the field of education spans from private school admissions and guidance counselling, to classroom teaching and public speaking coaching. As a graduate of the dual-degree Concurrent Education program at Queen's University, Moon enjoys working with students of all ages to provide exceptional educational support and help them reach their utmost potential.

Our Results and Reviews

Here is a partial list of some of the top colleges where Ivy Global students have been accepted. (The numbers indicate the number of students.)

  • 33Harvard University
  • 16Yale University
  • 18Princeton University
  • 3MIT
  • 3Caltech
  • 3Stanford University
  • 19University of Pennsylvania
  • 26Cornell University
  • 9Johns Hopkins University
  • 26NYU and Stern Business
  • 3University of Oxford
  • 2University of Cambridge
  • 17Columbia University
  • 13Brown University
  • 19Dartmouth College
  • 6Duke University
  • 18UC Berkeley
  • 13University of Chicago

…and many more!

Harvard!!! Just wanted to thank you and your firm, without whom this would not be possible for me."

Benjamin L.

"I got into Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Dartmouth and Duke!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for everything and Hallelujah!!!"

Lydia L.

Why Ivy Global Consulting?

Strong Track Record

Proven results.

We’ve helped over 500 students in the last 10 years. Our results prove the effectiveness of our approach.

Demonstrated Expertise

Leaders in the field.

Our consultants know the admissions process inside and out and have successfully navigated every application.

Strategic Planning

Optimize your application.

We know what to do at every step of the application process to maximize your chances of acceptance.

Genuine Interest

We take it personally.

Our consultants have a genuine concern for your success and well-being, and we want for you to reach your potential.

World-Class Experience

A diverse clientele.

We help students locally in our offices and overseas via Skype. Our clients include students from all over the US and Canada, and additionally China, Korea, Dubai, Italy, and many more.

Holistic Approach

Beyond college admissions

We advise students on academic, mental, and emotional growth in order to secure academic success, a fulfilling career, and continual personal growth.

Expert Advice

What you need to know.

We help students from various educational backgrounds achieve their academic goals. We are equipped to support you wherever you are and however you need.

Comprehensive Help

A one-stop shop.

We coach students through our consulting program, and our test prep is well-built & personalized, using our published materials to help students in our offices and abroad.

Ivy Global offers free seminars addressing common questions and looming concerns among students and parents today. Topics include: understanding the competitive US college admissions process, 21st century career trends, and more!

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