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Leadership Development in Students
Junho Suh, Senior Educational Consultant
Today, top colleges are looking for leaders and 71% of hiring managers value leadership skills over IQ in an employee. Despite this, leadership skills are rarely taught at the high school level.
Getting into Top U.S. Colleges
Michael Kang, Senior Educational Consultant
The application procedure for college is often overwhelming. Top colleges like the Ivy League schools take a holistic approach to evaluating students, taking into consideration the students' grades, SAT scores, extra-curricular activities and college essays. We will reveal the details that make or break an application.
How Emotional Intelligence Can Help Student Success
Moon Oh, Educational Consultant
While a student’s IQ is important in achieving success early on, emotional intelligence (EQ) becomes increasingly more important as a student gets older to reach their full potential. As much as 80% of adult success comes from EQ, which plays a key factor into obtaining top managerial and executive jobs.
You Can't Fake Passion
Michael Kang, Senior Educational Consultant
You can't fake passion. What truly motivates you to learn? Colleges want to see what you're truly passionate about in your college application.
How to Write Winning College Essays
Tiffannie Chang, Educational Consultant
An overview of the best strategies for brainstorming and drafting personal essays that will stand out in the competitive college admissions process