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Empowering people through learning.

Ivy Global is a pioneer in educational consulting, leadership development, and emotional intelligence coaching. Through our various consulting programs, we combine expert academic advice with coaching and mentorship to help students navigate the stressful college applications process and to foster skills that students need for long-term success.

What we offer.

Strategic Consulting

Ivy Global’s Strategy Consulting program helps students design and follow through on an educational plan to get into a top college and to develop their leadership skills. Our Strategy Consulting serves all students while we aim to matriculate students to one of the nation’s top colleges.

Our consultants work with students from as young as Grade 1 and up to Grade 12, providing them with long-term coaching and guiding them toward their best possible educational opportunities every step of the way.

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Application Help

We help students from all educational backgrounds craft the strongest possible college applications. Our consultants have encountered every possible application. We embrace the individuality of each student and understand the difficulty of conveying that personality through a stressful application. Together, we ensure students prepare unique applications among a sea of candidates.

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Our Results

Below is a list of some top college results for Ivy Global SAT and consulting students. The numbers represent the number of students who matriculated.

  • 33Harvard University
  • 16Yale University
  • 18Princeton University
  • 3MIT
  • 3Stanford University
  • 19University of Pennsylvania
  • 17Columbia University
  • 26Cornell University
  • 19Dartmouth College

Harvard!!! Just wanted to thank you and your firm, without whom this would not be possible for me."

Benjamin L.

"I got into Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Dartmouth and Duke!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for everything and Hallelujah!!!"

Lydia L.

Free Initial Consultation

Ivy Global offers a free, half hour initial consultation with an experienced consultant on school admissions or for academic advice. The consultation is available in person at one of our office locations or via Skype.

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