Ivy Global offers free seminars addressing common questions and looming concerns among students and parents today. Topics include: understanding the competitive US college admissions process, 21st century career trends, and more!

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Our Team

We distinguish ourselves by the quality of our consultants and instructors. Finding top-quality instructors is no easy task. We've hand-picked some of the best, including graduates of Ivy League institutions. Meet some of them here.

Our Consultants

Michael Kang

Michael Kang is an education consultant and academic coach at Ivy Global where he has helped prepare many students get into the top elementary and secondary private schools, universities, and colleges in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. In addition to assisting both students and their parents navigate the private school admissions process, Michael is a Registered Psychotherapist of Ontario qualified in providing self-esteem and career counselling.

Michael obtained his Masters degree in Psychotherapy at Wilfred Laurier and a B.Sc. from York University. His education and experience have given him the tools to engage and positively impact the students he mentors at Ivy Global.

Moon Oh

Moon Oh is an education consultant at Ivy Global and an integral member of the consulting team that has helped students gain admission to the top private schools and universities in the U.S. and Canada. Moon's extensive experience in the field of education includes a background in private school admissions, classroom teaching, public speaking coaching, and guidance counselling. As a graduate of the dual-degree Concurrent Education program at Queen's University, Moon enjoys working with students on a long-term basis to provide exceptional educational support at the elementary and secondary level. As a former high school valedictorian and student council leader, she is passionate about student leadership and helping students reach their utmost potential.

Kevin An

Kevin has extensive, first-hand experience in helping students get accepted to the top U.S. colleges including Harvard, Stanford and Georgetown. As a tutor, he has worked with nine students who obtained a perfect score on the SATs and guided countless students with their applications. He has also helped students get accepted to medical schools, law schools, and dental schools. Through patience, experience, and organized planning, Kevin is able to effectively mentor students with career counseling as well as the college admissions process.

Our Instructors

Alexandra is pursuing an MA in Food History at the University of Toronto. She graduated with Distinction from UofT with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in 2016. During the school year, Alexandra is an accomplished debater with the Hart House Debating Club (attending her third World University Debate Championship in 2017, having been a quarterfinalist in 2016), and works at a library on campus when she is not at Ivy Global.

She scored a perfect 800 on the English section of the SAT with an overall score above 2200. She has previous tutoring experience in the SAT as well as in History, Literature, French and Public Speaking. In her spare time, Alexandra is an avid reader, is learning French and Spanish, maintains a blog about food and culture, and loves trying out different cuisines everywhere from food trucks to restaurants.
Zoë holds an Honours Bachelor of Science in Research Psychology with a minor in English from the University of Toronto, graduating with high distinction. While at U of T, she was on the Dean’s List and received merit scholarships every year. She also worked as a research assistant in a social psychology lab, a cognitive neuroscience lab, and a vision science lab. She attended a bilingual international school, and is fluent in French.

Zoë scored 2270 on the SAT, with perfect scores in Critical Reading and Writing. She also scored a perfect 800 on the English Literature and French Subject Tests. In the GRE’s, Zoë scored a perfect 800 in both reading and writing. Zoë’s passion is teaching. She genuinely enjoys taking standardized tests like the SAT, and her goal is to help students enjoy it too! She is patient, interested, and empathetic. In her free time, Zoë volunteers at the Aphasia Centre, goes exploring on her bike, watches old BBC documentaries, and makes art.
Amelia is currently completing her studies in English Literature at Queen's University. She plans to attend law school next fall. Amelia scored in the 99th percentile (175) on the LSAT and has six years of experience tutoring students of all ages in a variety of subjects. In addition to her expertise in standardized tests, Amelia has a flair for competitive debating. She is the former President of the Queen's Debating Union and has travelled to compete in tournaments all over the world.

Amelia has worked as a speechwriter, policy analyst and communications coordinator. She uses her strong communication and analytical skills in combination with her knowledge of exam strategy to help students perform to the best of their abilities on test day. She's an enthusiastic tutor, and loves watching her students succeed.
Betty recently graduated from the University of Toronto with a double major in Cinema Studies and Asia Pacific Studies. She scored 2320 on the SAT (Math: 800, Writing: 740, Reading: 780), and is passionate about serving as a mentor to younger students. During her time in university, Betty was very active in student initiatives. Some of her achievements include founding an international conference on development and making a documentary film.

As a result of her dedication to student engagement and community building, Betty has received numerous awards including the Gordon Cressy Leadership Award and the Dr. David Chu Student Leadership Award. In her spare time, Betty is an avid reader and a cinephile. You can find her at many film festivals, always looking for a good conversation on media and culture. Fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese, Betty also enjoys creative writing in both English and Chinese.
Isabel has recently completed her BA in Indigenous Studies, History, and French Studies at the University of Toronto. She scored in the 97th percentile on the SSAT and the 98th on the SAT, and graduated with a 93% average from the academically rigorous University of Toronto Schools. She is dedicated to accessible and inclusive education, and hopes to help students enjoy preparing for standardized tests as much as she enjoys teaching about them.
Arden graduated summa cum laude from Yale University with a Bachelor's in Classics (Latin). A member of Phi Beta Kappa, he was awarded the George A. Schrader Humanities prize at graduation for his contribution to the cultural life of the college. Arden has a deep love of language: he is fluent in French, has translated a novel from German, and studied Ancient Greek along with Latin at Yale. This strong linguistic background, combined with his great fondness for puzzle-solving and logic, makes him an excellent tutor on both the English and Math sections of standardized tests.

Arden scored 2340 on the SAT, achieving a perfect score in Critical Reading and reaching the 98th percentile in Math. He received perfect scores on all three of his SAT IIs: Literature, French, and Molecular Biology. Empathetic, friendly, and enthusiastic, Arden has an infectious passion for learning. Outside IvyGlobal, his creative pursuits include songwriting and composition, video game design, and a contemporary translation/adaptation of Goethe's 1774 novel The Sorrows of Young Werther.
Jasmine graduated from the University of Toronto with an MA in English, Diaspora and Transnational Studies, maintaining a 4.0 GPA. She also holds a honours BA in English, graduating on the Dean’s list, and a B.Ed in Primary/Junior Education. She was nominated for the Gordon Cressy Leadership Award, and received an Ontario Service Award for her campus work with World Vision, and a Victoria College scholarship. During her academic career, she hosted three interdisciplinary arts exhibitions on campus, and was published in two university poetry journals.

Jasmine is the founder of an arts organization, Project 40 Collective, and the managing editor of a literary, visual arts magazine, LooseLeaf. She is an experienced workshop facilitator, educator, multimedia arts curator, and also a published writer. Her hobbies include spinning pottery and steeping the perfect cup of tea.
Sanna is an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto, St. George where she studies Astrophysics and Religion. She was accepted to and studied for one year at the acclaimed University of Pennsylvania; however, after taking a gap year in India she decided to move back home.

Sanna scored within the 97th percentile on the SAT (with a perfect Critical Reading score) and 750+ on both the World History and Literature SAT subject tests. She has worked as a tutor, media producer and freelance writer. She is fluent in French, Arabic, Urdu, and Kashmiri. Her focus on individualizing teaching style and always fine-tuning it to fit her students is what makes her a fantastic tutor.
Julie graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor of Arts in History, concentrating on American and Middle Eastern political history. For her undergraduate thesis, Julie examined U.S. foreign policy and covert military action during the Soviet-Afghan War, and was awarded the Edwin W. Small Prize for the best undergraduate thesis in American History at Yale and the Harvey Applebaum ’59 Award for outstanding archival research using Yale’s government document collections. At Yale, Julie was also the co-director of Community Health Educators (an organization of students who teach health education at New Haven public schools) and an editor for the Yale Banner (Yale’s undergraduate yearbook).

In high school, Julie was an internationally ranked debater and public speaker, and represented Canada at the 2011 World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championships in Brisbane, Australia. She was also Head Girl of her high school (Branksome Hall) and scored in the 98th percentile on her SAT. Currently, Julie works as an Intern at Legal Aid Ontario’s Immigration and Refugee Law Office, and will be attending Law School next fall.
Having grown up in four different countries, Kevin has a nuanced understanding of cultural differences, language, and communication. He’s taught the SAT and ACT for more than four years and has helped a lot of students get into their first-choice schools. He recently scored in the 98th percentile for verbal reasoning and writing on the GRE. In his spare time Kevin makes documentary and short films, and has screened his work at festivals and conferences. He’s interested in cities, travelogues, evolution, and physical geography.

Kevin recently completed a Master’s in Ethnomusicology in Turkey, where he finished a multi-year ethnography on the cultural influences of urban renewal in a Romani neighborhood. He’s presented his original academic research at conferences and symposiums throughout Europe and the Middle East and continues to write on urban issues, culture, and everyday life.
Cristiana is a University of Toronto alumnus, having graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree specializing in Biomedical Ethics (with High Distinction). Her final year thesis explored philosopher Frank Ramsey’s theory of truth through a pragmatic lens. She has taken several standardized tests including: the ACT, the SAT subject test in molecular biology, an IB English exam, and the GRE, scoring within the 97th percentile. A Dean’s List Scholar and Alpha Mu Gamma Gamma Rho National scholar in French, Cristiana also speaks fluent Romanian and English. Additionally, she is a Dr. James A. & Connie P. Dickson Scholar in Science and Math, showing her expertise in a broad range of subjects.

Cristiana is an active member of the Toronto theatre community. When not singing Sondheim, you can find her reading, facilitating workshops at Planned Parenthood Toronto, or hanging out with her cat, Lenore and fish, Grumpelstiltskin. She will be attending graduate school in the fall.
Christie is pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration at the Schulich School of Business, York University. During the past three years, she has been active leader in school activities through competing in case competitions. She was the planter and former President of York University Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. Christie has a passion for teaching especially empowering students to reach their full potential.

Christie has previous tutoring and teaching in class experience in English and math for various ages. For the past two summers, she has been the summer camp coordinator for over 150 children and 40 staff at Richmond Hill Christian Community Church. In high school, Christie and her team qualified to compete in the Provincial DECA business competition and placed 5th in the sector. She later advanced to compete in the International Career Development Center in Orlando, Florida as one of the Ontario representatives.
Rob is pursuing his Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Toronto’s Rotman Commerce, working towards a Finance and Economics specialist with a minor in mathematics. He obtained several merit-based scholarships for his program, and has experienced success at the post-secondary level. Outside of the classroom, Rob is a member of the Rotman Commerce Finance Association, and enjoys working out and watching Toronto sports.

Rob scored a 35 on his ACT, with perfect scores in English and Reading. He obtained a score of 800 on the Biology SAT subject test, and a 780 on his Math Level 2 subject test. Rob has tutored Math, French, and English in the past, and is enthusiastic, inclusive, and dedicated.
Didier is currently an undergraduate at the University of Toronto, St. George Campus studying in the Life Sciences program. He is actively involved within school government and clubs like the Innis College Student Society, Student Affairs Board, and the UofT Mahjong Society, working with and for UofT students. Some of his passions include mahjong and cooking, both mediums in which he explores other cultures.

Didier scored within the 99th Percentile on the SAT and has taken 14 Advanced Placement courses, ranging in a variety of subjects, from government to sciences. He has worked as a tutor since grade 9, covering all sorts of subjects. He was ranked in the top 20 in the state of California for Expository Speaking, a speech and debate event.