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Our education consultants meet with students and parents to plan the student’s academic future and answer any questions or concerns regarding school applications and admissions. They have expert knowledge and experience with the admissions process and are committed to helping each student reach their goals. Read more about our consultants.

This depends on the student's needs, goals, and consulting package. For Strategy Consulting, we typically meet with the student monthly or bimonthly, and the student sends biweekly progress updates to the consultant. For the Application Help service, the student typically meets the consultant on a biweekly basis, then more frequently as the deadline approaches. The student will also be working closely with an expert essay editor on a weekly basis. Learn more on our consulting information page.

Some of our locations have waitlists for new students. Since our consultants only mentor a select number of students per year to ensure individual attention, we are usually booked by April. Please contact us as soon as possible to set up your initial consulting session and plan accordingly. In the event that we have already started a waitlist, you can contact us to join.

This depends on what services you are looking for. If your child is interested in attending a private elementary or high school, you can register for our Application Help service to prepare for the next school year. If you are looking for consulting help for a post-secondary institution, we offer students from Grades 8 to 11 the Strategy Consulting program. The College Application Help service is offered to students in Grade 12.

It can be very beneficial for both the parents and the student to be present at the meetings to ask their questions and share more information, but it is not mandatory.

We offer our consulting services in-office in Silicon Valley and Toronto, although many of our students receive consulting online through Skype.

We work with students from Grades 1 to 12. Because we customize each student's program specifically to their needs and goals, we can work with students of all levels and backgrounds.

Yes, it is, but unfortunately, high school counselors are spread too thin, usually juggling hundreds of students at once (the average high school guidance counselor is responsible for 700 students). With such a large volume, these counselors can't match level of personalization that we provide.

We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. For this reason, we offer a free initial consulting session to determine if this is the right program for you.

Upon request, we are happy to put you in touch with past clients who have offered to speak to incoming students. On our results page, you can also see quoted feedback from former clients as well as our admissions track record.

To set up your first session, please email us at, and we would be happy to get you started!

We provide services for students with all types of goals and educational backgrounds. Every student is a unique individual, and every student has something to set them apart for their top choice.

Our consultants have encountered every possible application. We embrace the individuality of each student and understand the difficulty of conveying that personality through a stressful application. Together, we ensure students prepare unique applications among a sea of candidates. We inspect every detail of each student's strategy. We understand that the student's school trajectory comprises a fundamental portion of admissions' consideration. As a team of student, parents, and consultant, we devise a roadmap for the student's educational development and cater specifically to their strengths and goals.

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