Frequently Asked Questions

About our consulting program.

Our Education Consultants meet with students and parents to shape the student’s academic future and answer any questions or concerns regarding school admissions or university applications. Our Education Consultants are fully trained and have expert knowledge and experience with the admissions process, and are committed to helping each student reach their goals. Read about our consultants here.

This can depend on the student's needs, goals, and Consulting Package. Usually for Strategy Consulting, we meet with the student bimonthly or monthly, although the student still sends biweekly progress updates to the consultant. For Application Packaging, the consultant usually meets biweekly, and then more frequently as the deadline approaches. The student will also have an essay specialist working with him/her on a weekly basis. Once with the consultant, students and parents can discuss options and organize a schedule for meetings. Learn more about the details.

Some of our locations currently have waitlists for new students. Because our consultants only mentor a select number of students per year to ensure individual attention, we are usually booked by April. Please contact us as soon as possible to set up your initial consulting session and plan accordingly. In the event that we have already started a waitlist, please contact us to join.

This depends on what services you are looking for. If your child is interested in attending a private elementary or high school, you can join our Full Application service to prepare for the next school year. If you are looking for consulting help for a university, we offer students Grades 8 to 11 the option to join our Strategy Consulting program. We also offer Application Help for students in Grade 12.

It can be very beneficial for both the parents and the student to be present at the meetings to ask their questions and share more information, but it is not mandatory.

We offer our consulting services in Silicon Valley, New York City, and Westchester County, although many of our students receive consulting online through Skype.

Although we generally work with students in grades 8-12, we have also worked with younger students. Because we customize each student's program specifically to their needs and goals, we can work with students of all levels.

Yes, it is, but unfortunately high school counselors are spread too thin, usually juggling hundreds of students at once (the average high school guidance counselor is responsible for 700 students). With such a large volume, these counselors can't match level of personal service that we provide.

We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. For this reason, we a FREE initial consulting session to determine if this is the right program for you.

Upon request, we are happy to put you in touch with past clients who have offered to speak to incoming students. On our results page, you can also see quoted feedback from former clients as well as our admissions track record.

To set up your first session, please give us a call at 1-888-588-7955, and we would be happy to get you started!

Our team of curriculum designers collaborated with Ivy Global’s most experienced instructors to develop a flexible, yet rigorous curriculum for our SAT/ACT classes. We use the most effective strategies, tips, methods, and materials on the market to ensure that every student taking the class knows how to tackle the SAT/ACT.

We provide services for students with all types of goals and educational backgrounds. Every student is a unique individual, and every student has something to set them apart for their top choice.

Both our SAT classes and private SAT/ACT tutoring services offer thorough preparation in terms of the strategy and substance of the SAT/ACT. The private tutoring option is best suited for those who work best in a one-on-one context. These students might include those with special learning needs or those who want to focus on only one of the three sections of the SAT. The class option is an excellent choice for those who enjoy a group setting. Teamwork, friendly competition, and laughter are important aspects of our classes.

No. We offer tutoring per session in addition to the complete tutoring package. We recommend tutoring per session for those students who are unsure about how many sessions they need and also want to just try out tutoring to see if it might be effective for them.

We try to accommodate the student's request but the match depends heavily on the student's and the tutor's schedule. Nevertheless, we can assure you that our tutors are experienced, have exceptional academic credentials and a deep commitment to seeing their students succeed.

At Ivy Global, we offer four types of classes: the five-week and three-week summer courses, the one-week crash course, and the eight-week course.

Extended Intensive Course (100 hours) - This five-week course offers the most intensive, thorough coverage of both substantive and strategic preparation for the SAT. Students take five full practice exams, and go through all materials in the Ivy Global New SAT Guide, all exams in the College Board Guide, as well as additional Ivy Global practice tests.

Intensive Course (60 hours) - This popular course offers intensive, detailed test preparation, with ample time for students to practice writing in true test conditions. Both the content and strategies of the SAT/ACT are covered in depth. Students take four full practice exams during the three-week course. Daily homework assignments are given, with options provided to busier students

Regular Course (32 hours) - This course covers the same material as the Crash Course, with more practice time built into the classes. Given that this course often runs during the school year, homework assignments are flexible, with a minimum core amount of homework and optional additional homework assigned. Students take a mini-diagnostic SAT at the beginning of the course and finish with a full test on the last day

Crash Course (20 hours) - The crash course offers a condensed introduction to the most successful SAT/ACT strategies. Also included is a review of the substantive material tested on the SAT/ACT. Students take a one full practice test during the weeklong course.

Learn more about our classes.

Yes. Experiencing the test under accurate test conditions is an integral element of test preparation. In each of our classes, students take practice exams and also work on a substantial number of practice sections in true test conditions. Our longer courses (60 hours) offer more practice exams.

A typical class consists of a combination of lecture-based explanation, individual practice sections, and collaborative discussion. Our small classes make it possible for teachers to respond directly to student concerns about particular questions or concepts. Our instructors maintain a relaxed atmosphere. A typical class ends with our famous vocabulary game, fueled by friendly competition and laughter!

It is certainly vital for students to review course material after the course has ended until the date of the test. However, in general we recommend that students take the course early in their test prep schedule, to allow for maximum time to practice strategies and test-taking techniques. Students may find that they can continue to improve upon their weaknesses by reviewing, drilling, and writing additional practice tests while utilizing the strategies they’ve learned in our prep courses.

All of our SAT/ACT prep classes strive to respond to the particular needs of our students. The instructors are trained to maximize class time according to the individual student's strengths and weaknesses.

For students who feel comfortable with most of the sections of the SAT (Reading, Writing and Language, Math, and the optional essay), one-on-one SAT tutoring may be the optimal choice.

Our consultants have encountered every possible application. We embrace the individuality of each student and understand the difficulty of conveying that personality through a stressful application. Together, we ensure students prepare unique applications among a sea of candidates, and to prove it, we provide a money-back guarantee of admissions to your selected college. Likewise, we inspect every detail of each student's strategy. We understand that the student's high school trajectory comprises a fundamental portion of admissions' consideration. As a team of student, parents, and our dedicated consultants, we devise a roadmap for the student's high school career and cater specifically to their strengths and goals. Our long-term, 1-4 year strategic consulting program maximizes educational opportunities and prepares students for their dream school.