The Ivy Global Difference

Preferred by tutors and test prep companies.

Dedicated Content Team

Some test-prep publishers use a low-cost writing model, sourcing book parts from contractors like professors or graduate students who are seeking side-jobs. We employ a dedicated team of content writers who are able to develop expertise in each exam and carry it from one project to the next. That allows us to develop a deep knowledge of the idiom of standardized tests and the unique specifications and quirks of each exam.

Sophisticated Writing

Anyone can make content that looks like an official exam. We carefully study the specifications and available sample items for each exam that we work on and develop robust sets of development specifications and guidelines for item writers. We apply objective standards of text complexity, language use-frequency, and mathematical complexity to our content, so that it closely adheres to both the published standards and the tacit norms of official exams. That allows us to develop content that works like an official exam.

High Quality Content Source

While it can be cheaper to develop components like reading passages internally, it’s almost impossible to authentically replicate the style and quality of writing required by most test-makers. Other publishing companies often include poorly-written passages or far too much old public domain content in their exams. We invest in licensing high-quality excerpts for ours. As a result, our exams look and feel more like official content, and we’re better able to replicate the experience of taking an official exam.


When you’re evaluating standardized tests, you don’t just have to trust your gut: you can try them out. After a rigorous development process, we test our semi-final material against official exams and practice tests by proctoring them to real high school students. By comparing their test results on our materials with official score reports or results from official practice tests, we can ensure that our materials meet high standards of accuracy.