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Company culture is a set of principles and values that guides the way we work. It is not things like company parties, decorations, foosball tables, intramural sports or free food. Culture runs deeper. It is the integrity and character of the organization. It is the reason why we exist.

To empower people through learning.

We believe that people are capable of far more than they may realize. We are driven as a company to empower people to reach their full potential.

Our first core value is to improve the lives of our customers. We do this primarily by helping our customers achieve their academic and personal potential. Our second core value is to develop leaders within the company and to empower our people through coaching and development.

Here are other principles we aspire to live by:


We value transparency and authentic communication. We are honest and straightforward with each other, but in a respectful way.

Respect and Dignity

We strive to treat everybody with respect and dignity. We do so even in their absence.


We believe that an important part of growing is to make honest and accurate assessments of our strengths and weaknesses as both individuals and as a company.


We understand everybody makes mistakes. We try to own up to ours. We have a lot to learn about being a better company, better employees, better managers and better human beings. We try to remain humble and continue to learn.

Common Sense and Simplicity

We try to employ common sense in all situations. Keeping it simple helps us to make the right decisions.

Principles, not Rules

We strive to be a workplace driven by a few core principles, not an endless list of rules. We believe instilling these principles in others is an important part of our job.

Freedom and Responsibility

We fundamentally believe in establishing a trust-based relationship with everybody. We try our best not to breach that trust.


We believe great things are accomplished through teams, not individuals. We help and empower each other.

High Performance

We can only become a great company if we become world-class at what we do. We can't do this by being mediocre. Instead, we need to stretch ourselves to reach the highest standard. We believe ordinary people like us, working together, can do extraordinary things.

Real Results

We measure success by real results. We compensate and promote staff who get things done, not those who chase after positions or titles. We focus on what matters--rallying our teams to accomplish great results.

Continuous Improvement

The first iteration of anything is almost never the best. We move quickly, build and repeat. We always try to get customer feedback along the way.


We behave like owners, spending company's money as we would our own and making decisions with the company's long-term interest in mind.


We believe satisfaction at work doesn't depend on finding a nice, easy gig. True fulfillment comes when you figure out what your passion is and pursue it with all your heart.

Culture is not defined simply by this list of principles and values. It is created by the hundreds of small decisions we make every day to live these out. Our people, living and breathing our values, are what makes the culture at Ivy Global.