Custom Test Prep Solutions

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Custom Branded Covers

In addition to creating content that satisfies our own high standards of quality, we want to work to satisfy the different needs of test-prep providers of various sizes around the country. We offer bulk discounts and licensing agreements to clients who want to purchase or print multiple copies of our materials to use in classes, provide to tutors and students, or sell in their stores. We have a range of online tools and resources to support teaching and learning. And for companies who want to carefully curate the content and branding they share with students, we also offer a variety of customization options.

Content Customization

Many of our clients are long-time educators who have already developed their own instructional materials, and they sometimes prefer to use those materials rather than our full guides. However, they still need high-quality practice tests and questions that their students can’t just look up online. We can create custom book files that include the practice content that you want to use while excluding any instructional content that might be redundant or inconsistent with the content you’ve already developed.

Do you have other ideas about how you’d like to customize our content? Get in touch! Email us now at or give us a call at 1-800-470-2995 to discuss what’s possible!

Print License

Many test-prep providers like having the flexibility to print and staple exactly the number of practice tests they need for each class in their own offices. However, the College Board does not provide permission for test prep providers to use any official practice tests in their courses. Even if they did, their practice tests are all available for free online: since many students may already be familiar with the College Board’s official tests, they are not suitable for use as diagnostic exams in a classroom setting.

Ivy Global offers licensing options for test prep providers who would like to print copies of our exams to use in classroom or tutoring settings. Licensing costs are based on the number of copies you would like permission to print and distribute. We can provide individual, print-ready files for each exam you would like to license. Files are re-formatted for individual use, so they don’t include book-specific information like chapter names or page numbers.

Customization options are also available for licensed content. In addition to tests, practice problems or instructional content can be licensed for print and distribution. Online materials distributed for free by Ivy Global must be licensed for commercial use.

For more information about licensing exams or other content from Ivy Global, please contact us at

Custom Branded Score Reports

A score report is one of the most essential tools in the test-prep toolkit. Our Cloud score report is easier to use and provides more detailed results than the scoring worksheets and spreadsheets currently used by many prep companies, and it doesn’t cost anything. It also includes answer sheets for publicly available official exams, in addition to all Ivy Global exams. That makes it an obvious choice for most of our clients.

We’re also currently beta testing custom branded Cloud reports: during the beta testing period, you can get in on a special opportunity to produce custom score reports with your company’s cover pages for free. Contact us at to inquire now, before beta testing is over!

Check out a sample of our cloud reporting system for the SAT and ACT.

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