Learning Pods

The Issue:

Covid-19 has ushered in unprecedented changes to every facet of our society. One unfortunate area that has been greatly impacted is the education system as many schools have moved their classes to an online format. This has had a detrimental impact upon our children’s education as schools are ill-equipped to adapt to the challenges of online learning and have subsequently lowered their educational standards despite their rhetoric to the contrary.

Learning Pods:

One resulting trend has been the formation of “learning pods” as parents have been rightfully concerned about losing precious educational time in their children’s formative learning and developmental years. In a learning pod, a group of parents with children of a similar age come together to pool their resources, including time and money, to provide additional and supplemental learning opportunities for their children. There are a number of challenges, however, involved with forming a learning pod such as the costs, finding qualified instructors, finding other children with similar learning abilities, finding materials, the fear of COVID-19 exposure, etc.

Ivy Global’s Response:

In response to this educational crisis, Ivy Global now offers online learning pods, led by our quality instructors and backed by Ivy Global’s high commitment to teaching.

Why Ivy Global?

Quality of instructors: We have a rigorous hiring and training process. Click here to see a roster of some of our top-notch instructors.

Experience: We’ve worked with thousands of students to gain acceptance at Ivy League and other top universities, as well as exclusive private and boarding schools. We also have experience with online instruction and learning pod environments.

Reputation: Ivy Global is renowned in the test prep industry for the quality of our materials.

Teaching standards: Learning pods measureable include instruction objectives and goals while providing individual attention to students to keep them engaged.

What our pods offer:

  • English (Grammar, vocabulary, writing skills)
  • Math
  • Emotional Intelligence and leadership development - we prepare students for the future
  • Our instruction also keeps an eye towards preparation for standardized exams, whether it’s the SSAT/ISEE or SAT/ACT/PSAT exams
  • Additional subjects and customization are available

Why Online Pods?

  • Provide essential and supplemental learning to account for the deficiencies stemming from schools moving online
  • Interactive and individualized attention
  • Group your child with fellow students of similar learning ability
  • Save time and energy from having to find quality teacher and instructional materials
  • Safety from potential Covid-19 exposure with in-person meetings
  • Potential socialization opportunities with students from other geographic areas