Online Tutoring

Why Ivy Global?

Top Tutors

99+ percentile test takers with strong communication skills.

Tutoring as Mentorship

Our tutors serve as academic role models for their students.

Building Long-term Skills

We help students master concepts and build effective study skills.

Motivation and Accountability

Our tutors motivate students to work hard and take ownership of their studies.

• in real-time

• Private 1-to-1 instruction

• 2-way audio and video

• Top Instructors

Online Tutoring

Our Online Tutoring program has been designed to emulate private one-on-one instruction through video-conferencing. You will learn in real-time in the comfort of your home. Our online program provides convenience and flexibility. You can arrange tutoring at almost anytime 7 days a week.

Tutoring Packages
Mini Package 5×2 Hours In-office and Online $1,350 Register
Full Package 10×2 Hours In-office and Online $3,000 Register


At Ivy Global, we use the latest in video-conferencing technology to offer you a seamless private tutoring experience:

  • HD Quality Video and Audio (Skype)
  • Online Whiteboard and Powerpoint
  • Text Chat


The minimum system requirements for online tutoring are:

  • A PC or Mac with latest version of Skype
  • Broadband internet connection: Cable or DSL
  • Microphone and Speakers or Headset
  • Webcam (recommended)

Need More Information?

Please email us at, or call us at 1-888-588-7955 for more information.