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The Correct Answer is (A) — (A) is the correct answer. The opening lines of the passage state that “people began to come back to the sea in search for a quality they felt to be missing in the new industrial environment” (lines 2–4), before going on to discuss various artists and writers who did just that. (A) is therefore the correct answer. (B) is incorrect because heightened interest in the sea occurred after industrialization, not before it. (C) is incorrect because line 1 states that the renewed interest in the sea began in the late eighteenth century. (D) is incorrect because the passage states that interest stems back to the eighteenth century, and is not a new feature of modern times.


The Correct Answer is (G) — (G) is the correct answer. Lines 52–55 in the passage state that “in America as well, there developed what was ‘essentially a coastal, sea-consciousness culture with a developing literary tradition anchored in romantic impulses.’” This mirrors the interest of European thinkers mentioned earlier in that paragraph, so (G) is the correct answer. (F) is the direct opposite and thus incorrect. (H) and (J) are both incorrect as relative levels of hostility towards the ocean are not discussed in the passage.


The Correct Answer is (C) — (C) is the correct answer. The author notes that “the notion of Atlantis, the submerged continent, was revived by a modern world anxious about its own survival” (lines 27–30), so (C) is correct. (A) is incorrect because in the passage the ocean is portrayed as being of interest to thinkers and artists, not scientists. (B) is incorrect because, while Joseph Conrad is mentioned as someone who “despised what had happened to the land in the industrial age” (lines 42–43), it is too much of a leap to say that he preferred the sea to the land; furthermore, this does not this relate to people’s anxieties about survival, making the choice irrelevant. (D) is incorrect because in line 21, “giants” refers to visions of supernatural beings, and does not relate to survival anxieties, so (D) is also irrelevant.