The Correct Answer is (D) — (C) is the correct answer. The passage states that Mrs. Honeychurch “wanted to show people that her daughter was marrying a presentable man” (lines 4−5), indicating that she wants to show her neighbors that her daughter has made a respectable match. Furthermore, “it pleased her” (line 11) to be congratulated on this match; she likes feeling the approval of others. Together these reactions suggest that she is concerned with her image in her society, giving support to (C). Although Mrs. Honeychurch has positive feelings about her daughter’s engagement to Cecil, the passage does not give any indication that she feels particularly warmly toward him for his own sake; thus, (A) is incorrect. Although the passage refers briefly to Mrs. Honeychurch thinking back on a dress (lines 28−30), there is no specific indication that she sews dresses or anything else particularly well; thus, (B) is incorrect. Mrs. Honeychurch is the one who insists on their attendance at the garden-party (lines 1−3), so she is the opposite of disinterested in it; thus, (D) is incorrect.