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Our daughter was considering attending US Colleges. She was a recruited athlete in the sport of fencing. She was recruited by Cornell, Duke and Northwestern, although each coach said that Admissions controlled the entry process.

Last May she first took the SAT with no formal preparation classes and scored 1540. In August we attended your seminar and learned about the whole admissions process (including athletes). We engaged your services for tutoring to prepare for the October SAT 1, and the November SAT 2's. Her SAT 1 score rose to 1810, and she scored 710 and 720 on her SAT 2 subject tests.

The final phase involved the essay writing. Again we used your individual tutoring service to assist her with the admission essays.

She ended up applying to Cornell and Duke and was accepted at each. Neither school offers athletic scholarships for fencing, but as you mentioned in your seminar there is considerable financial aid. She accepted the Cornell offer, and it is less expensive for us for her to attend an Ivy League school than an Ontario university (she received acceptances from Queen's, McMaster and Laurier).

Thank you to you and your staff for your help.


Michael M.

I am very happy to give a reference for Ivy Global as I believe they were instrumental in helping my daughter attain admission into an Ivy League university in the United States, which was her dream.

More specifically, Ivy Global provided my daughter with an SAT prep course and individual tutoring in areas where she needed to improve. The instructors at Ivy Global were stellar, as well as the tutors, and patiently aided my daughter into a higher level of competence in needed subjects.

There would be no way that my daughter would have been prepared to the same degree had she not taken the SAT course and tutoring. It was undertaken in a small class where each student got individualized attention and could focus on their weak areas that needed improvement.

As well, we also selected the consulting services at Ivy Global which were instrumental in completing my daughter's application to the Ivy League universities which would be competitive with other potential applicants. They also counseled us in which volunteer/extra curricular areas were most appropriate for her to participate in. Ivy Global was very knowledgeable in the application process of the universities in the United States and what was necessary to attain admission.

I must also stress that my daughter was very committed to her goal and worked extremely hard. This commitment, coupled with Ivy Global's invaluable help, led to her admission into not one, but two, Ivy League schools in the States.

Gina P.


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