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SAT Courses

Our SAT courses have been uniquely designed to build key skills and effective strategies to crack the SAT. All of our sessions are taught by highly qualified instructors who have scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT or higher, and are experts on preparing students for the exam.

Each of our courses is carefully designed, taking into account all of the best instructional and practice materials available. Our classes balance interactive lectures, cooperative discussion, and realistic mock test situations. We offer the following classes:

Exended Intensive Course (100 hours) | Intensive Course (60 hours)

Regular Course (32 hours) | Crash Course (20 hours)


Class Schedule

New York, NY Long Island, NY White Plains, NY Northern Jersey, NJ
Boston, MA Philadelphia, PA Chicago, IL Silicon Valley, CA
Upcoming Classes
New York, NY
9 Classes
$650 - $1,000
Silicon Valley, CA
6 Classes
$650 - $1,600
White Plains, NY
5 Classes
$650 - $1,000
1 Early registration pricing ends 60 days before a class starts.

Unless otherwise noted, all classes run during calendar holiday dates except for July 4th.


Our Advantage

Ivy Global Other SAT Prep Programs
Small Classes
Tailored to the unique needs of individual students

Large Classes
Fail to recognize individual students’ strengths and weaknesses

Top quality instructors
Talented young teachers handpicked from the best schools

Unreliable teacher quality
Weak instructors hired through an undiscerning process
Only the best explanatory texts
Chosen from the full range of SAT materials available

Limited instructional tools
Ineffective strategies taken from a single source

Real practice tests
Actual practice questions and mock exams from the writers of the SAT

Inauthentic test questions
Unapproved, untested questions written by companies not affiliated with the SAT

Comprehensive Score Report (Cloud)
The most detailed analysis on the market.

Plain Score Report
With only raw and scaled scores

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Class Descriptions

Intensive Course
(60 Hours)

The Intensive Course is Ivy Globalís most popular preparatory program. The course prepares all students in grades 9-12 intending to take the SAT exam with a comprehensive blueprint to the Reading, Writing and Language, and Mathematics content on the exam, along with an in-depth and extensive guide to the new optional essay. Those enrolled will receive four full-length diagnostic tests proctored under exam-taking conditions, and will also be provided the time to thoroughly review their content afterwards. By the end of the course, students will have had ample opportunities not only to master effective test-taking strategies, but also to thoroughly practice using the materials covered during class.

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Regular Course
(32 Hours)

The Regular Course is intended for all students in grades 9-12 who are looking for a head start on the SAT. It provides an efficient review of the Reading, Writing and Language, and Mathematics content on the SAT, including a detailed guide to the new optional Essay. Those enrolled are provided with two full diagnostic exams, and six 4-hour classes that include a balanced mixture of lecture, fruitful collaboration, vocabulary quizzes, problem-solving, discussion, and further strategy building.

View Course Outline (PDF)

Crash Course
(20 Hours)

The Crash Course is designed for all students in grades 9-12. It provides a condensed review of the Reading, Writing and Language, Mathematics, and optional Essay content on the SAT, as well as an introduction to the most effective strategies for each section. The course includes one mini-diagnostic exam (first class) and one full-length diagnostic exam (last class), and three 4-hour classes of engaging lecture, rigorous reinforcement of new content, and consistent practice. In addition, students will work with the instructor to develop a long-term study plan for their preparation beyond the end of the class.

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SAT Course Material

Each student will receive a personal copy of the following books during their SAT course.

New SAT Guide, 2nd Edition by Ivy Global

This study guide for the SAT is a comprehensive, in-depth look at the new test in 2016. At 700+ pages, the New SAT Guide contains extensive explanations and practice material on every concept covered on the SAT.

Official SAT Study Guide by College Board

The Official SAT Study Guide includes 4 official SAT practice tests created by the test maker.

What else?

  • Full diagnostic tests, with detailed score reporting and essay feedback
  • Proctored practice tests
  • Customized lectures and group activities
  • Concept reinforcement and test-taking strategies
  • Daily homework and study schedule
  • Roadmap for SAT prep

Our Program (FAQ)

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Registration & Cancellation Policy

Full payment must be received within 5 business days of your online registration. We accept credit card payment online or over the phone. Call 1-888-588-7955 to make payments with a Visa or Mastercard.

We offer partial refunds for cancellations made at least 1 week prior to the class start. For refunds involving any of our services, a 5% administration fee will be applied. View Full Policy


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