College Admissions Essay Editing

Ivy Global’s admissions essay services will help you write essays that will stand out in the university application process. Our essay experts provide a detailed critique on how to improve your essays and resume, and help students create memorable and effective applications. We also help students with the application review process.

What does the service include?

For essay services above, you will get feedback about the strength of your essay and how well you've addressed the topic. The comments will also include suggestions on how to improve your essay structure and content. Finally, we will provide sentence-by-sentence feedback for flow and word choice, and check for grammar and spelling mistakes.

For the resume service, we will format the essay for maximum effectiveness, give recommendations on improving it to highlight your strengths and fix any grammar and spelling mistakes.

Why Ivy Global?

The personal essay is a critical deciding factor in the admissions process for top American universities. While strong grades and test scores are important, many students applying to the most selective schools have similar GPAs and SAT scores. The admissions essay gives you the opportunity to convey aspects of your personality and background that will set you apart from other candidates. A well-written essay will reveal more about your personal strengths, goals, and passions than can possibly be learned from the number-based components of your application.

Writing an admissions essay can be one of the most difficult parts of the application process. Even students with excellent academic backgrounds can be stumped when it comes to answering these very broad personal questions. Students may have trouble finding a place to start, coming up with a clear and cohesive structure, or staying within the very strict word limits. Many first essay drafts are vague and unfocused and thus present a weak impression of the student’s writing style and personality.

Ivy Global’s team of admissions essay consultants have been rigorously selected for their experience with the admissions essay format and their passion for writing, editing, and teaching. As graduates of top universities, including Ivy League schools, our essay experts know what components are necessary to make a personal essay stand out in the highly competitive admissions process. Our consultants will help you brainstorm a unifying theme for your essay, organize and structure your thoughts, and edit your writing to achieve a grammatically correct and consistent style that strongly conveys your unique voice.

Our Team

Our essay consultants come from top schools and are intimately familiar with what it takes to get into some of the best colleges. Our consultants have extensive experience helping students craft essays that will set them apart. They provide more than just feedback. They help to develop essays that will showcase our clients' strengths and write stories that will resonate with the admissions committees.

Our team has a strong track record of helping students get into the Ivy League and other top colleges. In short, we know what it takes.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Ivy Global, our essay consultants are hand-picked from top universities and are rigorously selected for their experience with the admissions essay format as well as their passion for writing, editing, and teaching. Unlike other companies who hire editors unfamiliar with the admissions essay genre, our consultants are experts in helping students craft winning personal statements that meet the standards expected by admissions boards and present each student’s strengths and personality in a way that will stand out from the rest of the applicant pool.

The most selective American universities receive thousands of applications each year, with very limited enrolment seats available. While strong marks and test scores are critical, many of these applicants have very similar GPAs and SAT scores. The admissions essay gives schools a chance to learn about distinguishing elements of each student that cannot be conveyed by the number-based components of the application. Admissions essays give a unique view into each student’s personality and background, giving the admissions boards an idea of whether the applicant will be a strong contributor and good fit for their university community. A strong admissions essay will catch the attention of the admissions board and set the writer apart from other applicants with its compelling, well-written portrayal of the student’s personal strengths, passions, and goals.

We specialize in helping students with their college admissions essays, including the standard common app main and short essays and individual school supplements. To receive our essay editing service, the first step is to select a package from our services page and then check out your order through our online payment system. You can then send us your essay files to us at We will then send you our edits and feedback with 2 business days. Afterwards, you can arrange further feedback through our Second Review service. If you have any questions about the services or our program, please free to contact us at

Our essay editors are skilled at helping students develop their ideas, structure their thoughts, and edit their writing for proper grammar and style. However, it is vital that each of these essays convey the student’s unique voice and personality. Students will write their own essays, with our experienced editors guiding them through each step of the writing process.

Absolutely. You possess sole ownership of your written work. Our essay editors will not copy or distribute any part of your writing without your express consent, or in any way make public any personal information revealed through the writing or editing process. Ivy Global maintains full confidentiality of our clients’ work and personal information, and does not make this information available to any third party.