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Since 2007, Ivy Global has helped thousands of students gain admissions to the top boarding schools, private schools, and colleges in the US and Canada. Because of the numerous benefits offered by private schools, the competition for gaining admission is extremely competitive, especially for international students. Our extensive experience and strategies, however, position us to understand and cater to the particular issues and needs of international students while maximizing their success in applying to private schools throughout the United States and Canada.

Ivy Global's experienced consultants begin by examining each student's unique abilities, interests, personality, and talents to ensure the student considers those schools that are best suited for him or her. Our experts will then navigate you through every step of the application process. To learn more about the process and how Ivy Global can help you, please sign up for a free, initial consultation.

Free Initial Consultation

Ivy Global offers a free, half hour initial consultation with an experienced consultant on private school admissions, in person at one of our office locations or via Skype. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about private schools or the application process. To arrange an appointment, please email us at

Our Services

Ivy Global's Application Help packages ensure that your child stands out among other candidates in a competitive field. Our services will lead you step-by-step through the entire application process. From choosing schools that are a good fit for your child to preparing applications that will set him or her apart, we provide an individually tailored plan for getting your son or daughter into the school of your choice. Our Application Help packages are:

Application Help


  • Admission Strategies
  • Application Review
  • Help with Admission Essays
  • Parent/Guardian Letter Review
  • Interview Coaching
  • Test Prep Strategy (SSAT / ISEE)
Premium Application Help

Starting at $18,000

This premium version of our Application Help package includes the arrangement of international travel, school tours, and the accompaniment of Ivy Global experts to interview in addition to the Application Help package.

Guaranteed Admission

Please call or email

Under our Guaranteed Admissions service, Ivy Global will guarantee your child's admission to your desired school or fully refund your money. This service is available for only a limited number of clients per year. Please email for more details.

Maximize Your Child's Academic and Career Success

In addition to the above private school application services, Ivy Global has services designed to prepare your child for success in their academic life and beyond, regardless of where they go to school. For more information, please visit our Strategy Consulting page.

Private Schools FAQ

We have consultants available in each of our offices in New York, Silicon Valley (California), and Toronto. Our consultants also work with students in other locations (including international) via Skype.

Yes. Ivy Global can provide translation services for Mandarin, Korean, Spanish, among other languages.

We recommend getting started as soon as possible in order to best plan out your child's academic career. We provide free initial consultations so there is no commitment to engage our services.

Please contact us at and we'd be happy to address any questions you may have. Our administration can also assist you with scheduling a free initial consultation with one of our consultants.

To set up your first session, please email us at

All boarding schools are private schools but not all private schools are boarding schools. The term “private school” is often used to refer to independent institutions (day schools) that do not offer lodging for its students. Boarding schools, on the other hand, usually have a mix of students who commute to school from home as well as students who live in dormitories located on campus. Whether you want to attend a boarding or day school largely depends on your location. If you live in another state or country from your desired school, boarding may be a preferable option.

In addition to a unique, school-specific application with nonrefundable application fee and test scores (SSAT or ISEE), most private schools will also require one or more of the following:

  • Official transcript or school report from current school
  • Official school visit + tour
  • Interview with a faculty member or admissions officer
  • Entrance exam (different than the SSAT/ISEE)

It is also important to note that while the application period for most private schools ends by early January, we advise you to check the application calendar of each school you are applying to.

Private education can begin as early as kindergarten but most boarding schools do not begin until middle school (5th or 6th grade).

In addition to US schools, we also help students apply to private and boarding schools in Canada and the UK.

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