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What is UTS?

The University of Toronto Schools (UTS) is an independent private secondary school, and provides curriculum that is tailored to the needs of high achieving students from grades 7 through 12.


Most students enter in Grade 7 through a two-stage competitive examination. The first stage consists of writing the SSAT exam, with approximately 500-600 participating; those who pass this test in the top percentiles (usually 200 students) are invited back for a second written exam and an interview. Ultimately, 110 candidates (55 boys, 55 girls) are chosen from more than 600 applicants each year.

For admission in subsequent grade levels, applicants are admitted through a less formal process, albeit one just as rigorous. Candidates must be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants and may apply to enter either Grade 7 or the upper school (Grade 9 and above).

Admission is based on merit as determined by the Entrance Examinations.

Please visit the UTS Admissions and UTS FAQ pages for more details on admissions.

Grade 7 Entrance

98% of students entering UTS will do so into grade 7. UTS now requires the SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test) to be taken in place of its own Stage I test, but will continue to make use of the Stage II test which comprises an interview and additional math test.

Stage I - SSAT

Based on the results of the SSAT, progression to Stage II is granted to approximately 100 boys and 100 girls each year.

Please visit our About SSAT page for more details on the SSAT.

We offer both SSAT preparation classes and SSAT private tutoring to help students improve their performance on the test.

Stage II - Entrance Examination

Those who have passed Stage I, are selected to participate in Stage II of the entrance examination. Stage II comprises of the following:

  • English activity (20 minutes)
  • Math test (40 minutes)
  • Interview (35-40 minutes)
UTS employs a Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) format for their interviews. Candidates go to different interview stations and answer one question at each station. Ivy Global does offer interview prep services for UTS. Please call us for more details.

Please note that the writing samples from student SSAT examinations are reviewed in place of Stage II written essays.
Download Sample Practice Questions

UTS accepts 110 students into Grade 7 each year. The admission committee carefully reviews all students who have completed Stage II, and decides on boys and girls they feel are top candidates to attend UTS.

Grades 9 – 11 Entrance

Admission to UTS for students in grades 9 to 11 is based on the results of entrance examinations, measuring the academic achievement potential of each student.

There are 2 requirements for each student to be accepted:

  • Canadian citizenship or landed immigrant status
  • Completed SSAT examination with results ranking above the 85th percentile

UTS Preparation

We offer preparation services for the entrance exams for UTS:

Please call 416-225-4242 for more information.